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Documents Verification

  • Documents Verification Products and Solutions that enable businesses to comprehensively verify and authenticate customer identity, and onboard customers more effectively. Optimize customer verification and reduce risk, through integration with bureau information and established databases. Mitigate identity risk and manage your verification needs more effectively,  resulting in improved and seamless customer onboarding
  • ID Validation
  • An identity check can help to provide you with information you can use to be more confident about who exactly it is you are hiring and whether your applicant is being honest with the most basic of personal information. If a potential employee is misrepresenting his or her identity, about what else could they be misleading you?
  • Our service will scan the document with our checking algorithms, depending the document type: national ID card, passport, driving licence,..., and the information will be extracted to be authenticated. This includes
    • Adhaar Authentication
    • PAN verification
    • Voter card verification
    • Passport validation
    • Driving license validation
  • When you bring someone into your organization ,You want to be certain his or her identity is valid. After all, We unfortunately live in an age in which identity theft is widespread.